Tape Vault Storage: Disaster Recovery Strategy & Corporate Risk Management

Today’s business world exists in an almost entirely electronic space.  Paper is being phased out as online document management and cloud technology take over.  Older, important business documents still reside on paper, but on a wide variety of other media formats as well.  This can make it difficult to consolidate and safely store unused or less frequently accessed information in one concise system.

Does your organization have an abundance of business documents, but you don’t access them often enough to need it all on-site in a filing cabinet or storage closet? EnTrust’s tape vault is a great solution to consolidate data into one format, and to store in a safe location. The tape vault is a bunker located within EnTrust’s Richmond facility.

The tape vault provides much more than just a storage space for business documentation.  In the event of natural disaster or severe power outage, it is imperative that your recently accessed and produced data is updated and safely stored.  There are many types of disaster recovery systems available to businesses today.  However, the tape vault is an actual vault with physical copies of your data. Nothing is electronically stored in the cloud.  There are no online security concerns, no hoops to jump through to get online information re-booted after a system shut-down.  Tape storage services are an effective strategy for disaster recovery.

Corporate liability is another concern leading companies to consider a tape vault for data storage. How and where confidential and sensitive information is stored directly affects the livelihood of your business and your clients.  Protect your information, and theirs, by securely storing information in a tape vault.  Not only will this information be backed up in the event that something is deleted or mistakenly modified, but it is located off-site in a secure facility where unauthorized users can’t accidentally access it.Find out how EnTrust’s tape vault can provide added security and protection to your business by calling us today at (804) 358-8077.