Why is Mobile Shredding the Most Secure Solution for Document Destruction?

There are many solutions to document destruction and shredding.  Some companies do it themselves in-house with small, personal paper shredders.  This works well, but really only on small quantities of paper, not for high capacity needs.  Other companies choose to transport their documents to a shredding site.  This is another good option, but there are security concerns.

Companies must protect their own information as well as their customer’s.  Identity theft cases are at an all-time high.  The government has become more involved by increasing regulations on compliance for organizations of all types and sizes.

Mobile shredding is the only guaranteed, safe solution for document destruction.

How is mobile shredding with EnTrust the most secure solution?

  • You don’t have to worry about security while documents are being transported—we come to you, and your information never leaves your sight. Our truck is parked right outside your location; you have the option to see each document as it is put through the shredder.
  • Destruction is oftentimes one of the steps in a document’s lifecycle that is overlooked and isn’t fully controlled.  Mobile shredding provides continued security of sensitive information and chain of control when documents are destroyed.
  • EnTrust is fully compliant with local, state, and federal regulations— meaning you don’t have to worry about stringent guidelines for safely disposing sensitive information.  We take care of that for you as part of our service guarantee.

If your business is looking for a safe, convenient and 100% secure solution to document destruction, mobile shredding is the answer.  To learn more about EnTrust’s mobile shredding services, call us today at (804) 358-8077 or send an email to Daniel Hicks at dhicks@entrustrm.com or Al Whitlock at awhitlock@entrustrm.com and we will help you get started.