Is Document Security Possible with a Commercial Move?

Just like picking up and moving to a new home, moving offices is a pain until you get unpacked, organized and settled. A commercial move involves much more than packing clothing and knick-knacks and hoping nothing breaks in the process.   It carries with it the headache of packing years and years of business records. How is it possible to keep confidential documentation safe when using a commercial moving service?

EnTrust combines important document security measures with its commercial moving services.  We offer clients secure commercial moving service so that the focus is on starting over at your new office, not starting over because sensitive information was lost or leaked during the chaos of an unorganized, poorly handled move.

Where else can you get a professional, reliable and organized commercial moving company, but also get records management, off-site site document storage and document shredding?  It’s an easy answer—EnTrust. Other commercial moving companies may have a great reputation and quality customer feedback, but do they have the foundation of documentation security like Entrust?

When using our commercial moving service for your office move, you gain much more added value services.  For example, at EnTrust we…

Assess your current layout including furniture and belongings, along with your schedule and desired time line, to create the most cost effective, organized and timely commercial moving strategy.

 Purge and shred documents that don’t need to move with you, and we do it on site to avoid the risks associated with taking them elsewhere to destroy.

 House documents that you want to keep, but don’t need inside your office in offsite storage.

 As you can see, at EnTrust we are much more than a commercial moving company.  We give you the service and delivery of a commercial moving company with the added perks of knowing it’s completed in a way that keeps your company’s and your client’s livelihood safe and secure.  For more information on commercial moving, records management, document shredding and offsite tape storage, call us today at (804) 358-8077.