Efficient Records Management—Security Benefits of Document Destruction

Records management involves more than just filing, recycling and shredding of confidential information. Document destruction is a key measure to ensure that your confidential records don’t end up in the wrong hands. The threat of identity theft is very real but it can be prevented by practicing good records management. As an entrepreneur, you always want to keep your company safe and secure. What is the benefit of including document destruction in your records management efforts?

  • Security: As stated earlier, you want to keep your information out of criminals’ reach.
  • It’s the law. Privacy has become a legal matter. As a result, companies are now required to shred confidential documents.
  • Identity theft. Trade secrets are no longer secret. Stealthy thieves tend to steal even from company’s trash cans. Destroying your documents will keep your trade secrets out of reach.

How often should you use document destruction services? It is recommended that you shred your records at least once a year as part of good record management practice. Also, you should review your documents and records for potential destruction every time your company relocates. Contact us for more information on records management and document destruction services. Call EnTrust at (804) 358-8077.