When Businesses Need Quick Access to Securely Stored Documents

Imagine several people needing to see a document that you have in storage. Now suppose your salesperson is in his hotel room, your client is in their offices, and you are in yours. In the past, that file you needed would’ve been pulled, the file would be delivered to you, you’d make a copy of the document you need and then copy, fax or scan and email the document to those who needed it.

All the while, the clock would be ticking…and ticking…and ticking…

At EnTrust, we have an easier, more efficient way: Scan-on-Demand Online Services.

Now, rather than pulling and delivering a file to you, we can simply scan the documents you need, and the file gets immediately returned to its file storage location. Those scans are posted to a secure web site or emailed to anyone you authorize.

So whether you have an immediate need to access a file, or you need to send a document from storage to a number of people or locations, Scan-on-Demand from EnTrust Records Management is your answer.

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