Email Invoicing

Instant delivery

No more waiting around for invoices to go out in the mail, we can deliver electronic invoices directly to your email inbox with the click of a button.

Ease of storing soft vs. hard copies of invoices

Electronic invoices leave a readily accessible “paper” trail that is easy for you to reference.  Much less mess around the workplace and no filing needed.  Think how organized you’ll be!

Lower Carbon Footprint

Proponents of e-invoicing also promote the lower carbon footprint of electronic transactions.  In theory no paper is consumed.  Nor is there any transportation of the paper from supplier to the buyer.  Although the digitization of a single invoice does not lower greenhouse gas emissions significantly, the cumulative effect of removing millions of paper invoices from the financial supply chain is impactful.

With more and more customers going online to find a payment solution that works for their needs, electronic invoicing is a great added benefit for your business.  We strive to provide our customers with a seamless and enjoyable billing process.

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