Commercial Moving in Virginia

Moving Your Office and Business is Hard Work – We’re Here to Reduce the “Pain”

Moving to new space may be exciting but the process is seldom enjoyable. Entrust office and commercial moving and document management services are integrated to make your move less demanding on you and your people.

By combining records management, storage and shredding along with the physical move, you end up moving less and spending less. Entrust integrated office moving services are comprised of the following elements

  • Assessment – our experienced move coordinators assess your furniture, fixtures and physical files and records to identify the most cost effective move plan
  • Purging – unnecessary records, files and materials are identified and securely shredded on-site to avoid the time and expense of moving them
  • Storage – records and files identified as less critical and appropriate for off-site storage are identified and moved to a secure storage facility
  • Scheduling – a specific move schedule is developed to minimize disruption to your business
  • The Move – our experienced move coordinators and moving personnel arrive to take you and yours to your new place

An integrated move process will ultimately save you time, money and reduce some of the headaches associated with moving.


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