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It’s not what you know; it’s what you can prove. Often the thin line of proof is only as strong as your Legal Records Management program.

At EnTrust Records Management, we have worked with more than 65 law firms for more than 15 years. We know the amount of pressure you’re under to be 100% accurate, and the needs for urgency and efficiency.

When your clients come to you, they put their lives in your hands. When you trust EnTrust, we are fully aware and appreciative of that faith and responsibility.

“The business of practicing law is built around trust, confidentiality and meeting the needs of our clients. These are the same values that attracted us to EnTrust. We know that the documents that we send will be secured and the confidentiality of the contents maintained. Their customer service is outstanding. Entrust is always timely in responding to our requests to deliver or pick up records.”

A Richmond law firm founded in the early 1900s

EnTrust is on the case

In the Legal Profession, perhaps nothing is more valuable than time. EnTrust can save you precious time by effectively managing both physical and digital information.

Rely on us during your Discovery Process. Whether information needs to be stored on paper or digitally, our Discovery Services will give you the confidence you need throughout the process.

We’ll work with you to outline a thorough process:

  • Consulting
  • Information Collection
  • Cataloging
  • Access
  • Delivery

Bankruptcy Assistance

Unfortunately in this economy, bankruptcy has become an all too-common fact of business life for some. These proceedings are never easy. Once beyond the emotional struggle, the complicated tactical and legal struggle your clients face is at hand.

EnTrust has the expertise to assist in the storage and destruction of both paper and digital files. We can work with you and the legal system to assure that access to information is easy and well-organized.

Confidence in a Box.

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