Offsite Tape Storage

Safeguarding and Archiving Your Important Business Data

Entrust's Tape Storage Vault

Entrust's Tape Storage Vault

In today’s business world, data comes in a variety of media. So we have the facilities to meet your media storage needs. Our Tape Storage Vault is actually a bunker located in our Richmond, Virginia facility.

Why is off-site tape storage so important to you? Because you just never know. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Virginia has been hit by tornadoes, hurricanes and flash floods. Power outages have literally zapped entire companies’ data into thin air. But with Tape Storage Services from EnTrust, you can be sure that any data that has been recently produced can be reproduced at the earliest possible convenience. Then while other companies are struggling to regain their footing, you will already be up and running.

But a tape storage service is for more than Disaster Recovery. In today’s business world, the stakes of corporate risk, corporate liability and culpability have never been higher, storage of back up media and computer backups therefore is a necessity. The backup tapes stored off site in EnTrust’s vault become even more important if something is deleted either by accident or design.

So rely on EnTrust’s Tape Storage services as an active part of your Disaster Recovery strategy, as well as to reduce your corporate risk.

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