Document Destruction Service

Secure Data Destruction in Richmond and Newport News

Women live 79.4 years – Men live 74.1 years. What about your records? Yes, your records have a lifecycle, too. So you need to develop a records retention and document destruction schedule.

Records Retention & Document Destruction Schedule

When you create a record, it goes through a natural lifecycle – just like we do! It is actively used for business activities for a period of time, and then it used is less frequently. Finally it is retained for an additional period of time during which it is available for reference or legal purposes. When that retention period has been satisfied, these documents can be destroyed.

It is important to develop a document destruction & retention schedule so that you can keep your records organized and to help save time and money.

Contact us so that we can help you develop a meaningful and time-saving retention schedule and secure document destruction services for your records!

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