Document Shredding Service

Document Shredding in Richmond & Newport News, VA

Confidentially speaking, are you in compliance? Is your most sensitive data vulnerable?

In today’s world, you not only have to protect your own data, but the data of your customers or clients, too. Privacy laws have never been stricter than they are now.

Document Shredding Schedule

Entrust Document Shredding Container

Entrust Document Shredding Container

EnTrust can assist you in developing a clear, convenient document shredding schedule that will increase your protection of your most confidential information.
We’ll help guard you against:

  • Identity fraud
  • Theft or loss of confidential files
  • Sensitive information falling into the wrong hands, both internally and externally
  • Noncompliance with federal and/or industry standards

EnTrust can help you control costs and increase your comfort level with:

  • Secure document shredding services
  • Proof of Service – we can provide you with thorough documentation to indicate chain-of-custody for legal purposes
  • Convenient rates appropriate to your needs

Secure Shredding Guaranteed

With EnTrust Shredding Services- the chain of custody remains unbroken from the deposit of documents in your office’s secure EnTrust consoles until your Certificate of Destruction is received. Here’s how it happens.

Secure Consoles (Bin Options)

EnTrust will place secure consoles throughout your work space to collect shred material and keep it contained and safe from curious janitors or waste management employees when you’re not around. Removable bags are installed in each console for the transport of material.

Secure Removal of Documents for Shredding

At your convenience, a security-screened, insured EnTrust Customer Service Representative will service the consoles at your location. The process goes as follows: console unlocked, full bag removed and bar-code confirmed, new bag installed and bar- code recorded, console locked, and bags are sealed and carried to a secure EnTrust delivery van. The bags are delivered to Entrust for shredding. All shredded material is recycled.

Certificate of Destruction

Once documents are destroyed – upon request, you can have a Certificate of Destruction issued and sent to you that confirms the secure shredding of your confidential materials.

EnTrust can help you determine a service level and program that’s right for you. Simply contact us to set up an appointment with our Records Management team. We are a document shredding company serving clients in the Richmond, Virginia metro region.

Whether you simply don’t need the documents anymore, or compliance regulations compel you to destroy them, the last thing you need is for those documents to end up in the wrong hands.

That’s when it’s time to shred, it’s time to trust EnTrust. EnTrust Document Shredding Services should be an active part of your Records Management program.

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