Document Management

Guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming world of Business Document Management Solutions

Thousands of emails arrive each day. Threats of litigation seem to be around every corner. The nature of information seems to change almost as fast as we acquire it.

Managing this information requires constant vigilance. But if you’re like the rest of 99.9% of our clients, you have neither the space nor the time to store and retrieve the endlessly mounting record management requirements. Using our off-site records storage saves money, frees up valuable space, and reduces employee time needed to manage your company files.

So give us a call today to learn how our comprehensive document management services can help your business.

“Being able to easily locate [a single] document saved us what we will probably pay in storage fees this year. I cannot say enough good things about the staff or the service they provide. All of the people I’ve talked with have been helpful, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the services they provide. I would recommend them to anyone with storage needs.”

One of Virginia’s largest telecom companies

Records Management

The key word in the phrase “records management” is “management.”

Anyone can take your files and put them into storage. But it takes experience, leadership and guidance to work with you to put together a business records management plan.

Perhaps you just don’t have any in-house storage space, but you need frequent access to your files.

Maybe you only need access to your files once in a long while.

Perhaps the law says you need to hold on to your files for a certain number of years, but then there are specific procedures not only for records retention but also for secure document destruction.

Regardless of your industry, the compliance regulations you may face or the storage needs you require, we help you put together a plan that puts the “Management” in Business Records Management.

“EnTrust  is very proactive with our account. They understand our needs and will make suggestions to us on identifying our records in a way that will enable them to be retrieved more efficiently. We have been provided with multiple options on retrieval of our records at no additional cost.”

A Richmond law firm founded in the early 1900s

Files arriving at our storage location

Files arriving at our storage location

File Storage

Whether you’re in central-Virginia or southeastern-Virginia, our Richmond and Newport News facilities have more than 230,000 square feet of file storage space for you to rely on.

Our rates are small-business friendly, and our security is air-tight. We know that putting your files in an EnTrust box means more than storing files; it means providing you Confidence in a Box.

We guarantee our boxes for the life of the box. Should they ever fail or become compromised, we will replace them at no charge.

Off-Site Records Storage with Air-Tight Security and Small Business Friendly Rates

If your are running out of room or just need to get better records organization and management, Entrust provides you a secure, cost effective solution that complies with any regulatory requirements imposed on you. Entrust records management, storage and retrieval programs give you

  • Ability to free up office space for more personnel, equipment and other important operations
  • Immediate, local access to your off-site records via our Active Access program
  • Protection of your records and documents with security measures you can trust
  • Reduction in the amount of time employees spend managing your company files
  • Management system to ensure you are in compliance with appropriate regulations for your industry
  • Small business friendly rates that save you money

Richmond and Newport News, Virginia Facilities

Entrust has nearly a quarter-million square feet of storage space in its two Virginia facilities including:

  • climate and humidity controlled space
  • fire rated storage of critical assets
  • tape vault storage

Contact us today to learn more and/or schedule a visit to one of our facilities.

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