Document Management Solutions for the Medical Industry

The fast-paced, information dependent medical industry is rapidly growing and evolving in ways that make operating with strictly paper-based, on-site document management nearly impossible.   From small medical practices to large hospitals, outdated record management strategies are proving less effective and in some cases affecting the quality of healthcare.  Many of the vital elements of healthcare are difficult to handle without newer systems, including a document management solution.   This is why it’s critical that those in the medical industry adopt document management strategies.  These strategies help healthcare professionals to keep up with the pace of their work, while still allowing them to focus their utmost attention on providing quality care.

Regulatory compliance is one of the main challenges faced by the medical industry.  There is a great deal of pressure for healthcare organizations to protect patient privacy and data, as well as retain records for specific periods of time.  Without document management and record retention plans, it’s very hard for these organizations to handle, secure and maintain documents.  This is especially true under the rules enforced by HIPPA, including the HITECH Act which defines specific guidelines for patient privacy, as well as how and where patient records exist.

Other common obstacles faced by those in the medical industry include creating patient records, insurance processing, billing, and how to maximize patient-doctor time during appointments.   EnTrust offers a variety of document management and record retention services geared towards these challenges and needs.  These solutions help medical offices standardize the way they generate and store information so that they can focus more time on quality patient care.  For more information on document management solutions and record retention strategies for the medical field, contact EnTrust today!