Active Access: Making Documents Stored Off-Site Instantly Accessible

Many times, customers ask us to store records in our storage facility that they no longer need to access, but that they still need to retain. Other times, a customer doesn’t have the physical storage space in their office for current records and is seeking an off-site storage solution. So, what happens when records are stored off-site, but a customer needs access to them on a regular basis? Active Access is a solution that EnTrust has developed to meet the needs of these customers. It offers an offsite document storage system with a file management capability for those items that require frequent access.

Active Access provides customers the best of both worlds—offsite document storage and the ability to instantly access the information through an online system. By combining physical storage solutions with cloud-based technologies, EnTrust has created a system that helps customers face many of their document storage and access challenges. Some of the benefits of Active Access include:

• Immediate access to offsite records, from any location, at any time
• Secure system with varying access levels for different users
• Automatic disaster recovery strategy
• Continuity between on-site and offsite records management
• Ensures chain-of-custody is managed and documented
• Helps achieve compliance of retention guidelines
• Eliminates office clutter
• Reduces the amount of time spent filing and searching for documents

If you are looking for offsite document storage, but are concerned about still having control over and access to your important documentation, Active Access might be the perfect solution for your company. For more information, contact EnTrust today at 804- 358-8077.