Why is Offsite Document Storage Better than In-House Storage?

If you struggle with in-house document storage, it’s probably for several reasons.  First, many companies simply don’t have the space to archive physical copies of everything in their office.  Secondly, who is responsible for the tedious and time-consuming task?  It’s likely a part of everyone’s responsibility, which can lead to mistakes, oversights, and a general lack of organization.  You’ve probably also spent quite a bit of money on storage systems and filing cabinets.  If you have in-house document storage, chances are you’re experiencing one or all of these challenges.

The truth is that offsite document storage is a more effective, organized and affordable solution for your company.  Below are a number of reasons why companies should consider offsite document storage.

1. Offsite document storage does not require any of your valuable office space.   When older files and documents are ready for archive, removing them from your office helps keep things organized.  This way only the documents you need are in the office, but older files put away in storage are immediately accessible whenever you need them.

2. Off-site document storage is cost-effective.  Not only is the service affordable, but you are also saving money on equipment, storage and other items.  There is no extra time spent filing older documents.

3. With off-site document storage you are increasing security and decreasing privacy threats.  When older documents are left around, you never know what information is out there for the wrong eyes to see.  Offsite document storage systems help you eliminate security breaches, better protecting yourself and your clients.

4. Just because a document is older and ready for the archives doesn’t mean you may not need to reference it at some point in the future.  Documents stored offsite are still accessible to you through a secure, online system.  In addition, when these important documents are housed in our secure facility they are out of harms way should a fire or natural disaster occur in your office.

5.  At EnTrust, our service offerings are vast.  If you need more than just offsite document storage, you’re in luck.  Not only can we handle offsite storage, we can also implement a business records management system and records retention system that works for your company.  For more information on our services, contact EnTrust today!