Document Retention and Destruction Service: Benefits and Options

Each document has a different set of guidelines pertaining to how long it must be accessible, how long it should remain inside an office or in storage, and when it can be destroyed. Most of these requirements are regulated for compliance purposes— especially documents pertaining to finances, human resources, and sales. At Entrust, we understand that every company has their own unique needs for document destruction and storage.

Depending on how long you’ve been in business, it’s likely that you have an abundance of documents stored away in your office. There are many dangers and setbacks with an unsystematic approach like this, including security risks, compliance issues, overhead costs and lack of productivity. EnTrust has several solutions that are custom tailored to your document destruction and storage needs.

In terms of mobile shredding and document destruction, we have several options. We can deliver secure receptacle consoles in your office and schedule a time to remove them and destroy the contents. This is all done on-site so that you can witness the process. We can also simply remove your boxes of documents and take them to our facility for destruction. Both options provide your business with a certificate of destruction.

It’s possible that you’ve considered and tested various options of document destruction, but still haven’t found an organized way to manage the life-cycle and storage needs of your information. Together we can devise records retention and document destruction plans that work in conjunction with how your business operates. This may include shredding on a scheduled basis, or scanning documents prior to destruction to make future access possible. Whatever your needs are for retention, management and destruction, EnTrust has a solution. For more information on mobile shredding, document destruction, management or storage, call us today at 804-358-8077.