Mobile Shredding & Why Office Shredders Just Don’t Cut It

Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most expensive and organized crimes of our time.  It can happen to anyone, even the largest, most structured companies.  It only takes one or two pieces of information to steal your identity or that of your clients.  Throughout the life-cycle of a document, there are many opportunities for an identity thief to stumble upon sensitive, confidential information, and use it to their advantage.  Your company is left to clean up the pieces. What’s even more alarming is that we let it happen.

Many companies have “shred-all” policies.  It’s a good measure to take; however, there are still loopholes in this method.  This is because it’s unlikely that documents are being immediately put into the shredder.  Usually what we see are papers that sit in open containers for days, maybe weeks before they’re destroyed.   Anyone entering the building has access to that information.  Companies have good intent with office shredders, but only if they are using it on a regular, scheduled basis.  This mundane task usually falls by the wayside to other more important office responsibilities.

Organizations can avoid these mindless, but dangerous and costly mistakes by using a professional document destruction service.  In fact, document shredding services are quickly becoming a staple in large organizations, and even small businesses.  If your company provides any type of service where there is even a small expectation of information privacy, you become legally responsible to take the precautions necessary to ensure all parties are protected.

Let EnTrust take the weight off of your shoulders with our secure document destruction and mobile shredding service.  Here’s how it works…We place locked units in various areas of your office for you to dispose your documents.  A screened and secure EnTrust representative comes to collect the contents of the container at scheduled times, and brings them to our facility for destruction.  Then, you’re provided with a certificate of destruction.  It’s very simple.  Not comfortable with your documents leaving the office?  With our mobile shredding service, we can do everything at your location.  You can even watch your information being shredded!

For more information on document destruction and mobile shredding with EnTrust, call us today!