Top 4 Reasons Why Organizations Should Use Offsite Storage

Throughout this blog we’ve discussed the various advantages of offsite document storage. We’ve also discussed how it’s an excellent disaster recovery strategy, and how it can help organizations reduce corporate risk and liability. In this post, well re-visit the top 4 reasons why offsite document storage is a critical service for many businesses. We’ll also touch on how with services from EnTrust, you can improve the functionality and security of your business.

1. When the idea of offsite document storage comes to mind, many times the very first thought is that it helps cut back on office clutter. A clean, organized office space, free of paper boxes and filing cabinets is simply a better working environment for everyone. By storing your documents offsite, most companies see increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

2. You’ll often hear us talk about the necessity of having a structured disaster recovery strategy. In the mid-Atlantic region in particular, power outages from tropical storms and hurricanes are far too common. If the power was out for days in your building, what would be at stake? The same holds true for a fire or other natural disaster. Offsite document storage as a disaster recovery method is a simple precaution that protects your business from unexpected circumstances.

3. With offsite document storage, you know that you are covered when data restoration is required. This means that you are protected if you have been affected by a natural disaster, or even if a single document is lost or misplaced. With EnTrust’s offsite document storage, you won’t be without the information that’s vital to your success. We will immediately replace anything that has been lost so that you can get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

4. Our offsite document storage services also helps to keep a document’s life-cycle in check. With corporate risk looming, and identity thieves prowling for personal information, it’s important to know when to save or destroy a document. These actions directly affect the safety of your company and that of your clients. By letting us help you manage your documentation, we can identify areas where you are at risk and eliminate them.

There are numerous advantages to using EnTrust’s offsite document storage or tape storage services. To learn more about our affordable and effective solutions, give us a call at (804) 358-8077.