Why is Offsite Tape Storage the Best Disaster Recovery Strategy?

It’s true that data is the foundation of every business.  Many companies make it a regular practice to backup data to removable media, tapes or USB drives.  This is a good strategy; however, most companies store these formats directly next to their computer or in their desk.  What they don’t realize is the problem with their choice of storage location.  When the backup data isn’t stored safely and securely in an offsite location, it risks being destroyed if an unforeseen event, such as fire or flood, occurs in the building.  Both the server and the backup data are worthless if the office is severely damaged or destroyed.

An effective disaster data recovery strategy should consist of producing backup tapes and housing them in an offsite storage facility. This way the data isn’t compromised if a natural disaster affects the business’ office.  It is highly recommended that the backup tapes be handled properly and stored in a secure, climate controlled facility. This provides peace of mind, and gives the business almost immediate stability after a disaster.

At EnTrust, we have you covered with an affordable and convenient solution to offsite tape storage.  Our secure storage vault is a bunker located in our Richmond, Virginia facility.  We’ve put a great deal of effort into this service offering, and believe it’s the safest method of disaster recovery.  The bunker is operated as such to ensure organization, protection and proper handling of your back up data in a climate-controlled storage facility.

The benefit of using EnTrust’s tape storage vault for your disaster recovery strategy is the additional support we can offer your business.  Not only do we assist in storing your backup data offsite, we’re right there for you in the event you need your backup tapes to get up and running again.  Following an unfortunate occurrence, we can arrange to have your data delivered to a new or temporary location, and reproduce recently created data immediately.  We can also aide in transferring other media formats to tape to ensure all your important data is stored uniformly.  For more information on our offsite tape storage vault, contact EnTrust today!