Secure Document Shredding & the Prevention of Identity Fraud

In 2011, identity theft topped the list of complaints based on the Federal Trade Commission’s annual Sentinel Network report. This was the 12th year in a row identity theft ranked #1. Even though strict laws and privacy regulations are enforced to help to keep companies in compliance and thieves out of the picture, identity fraud is still occurring at an all time high. Research shows that most identity thieves obtain information through traditional paper-based sources rather than electronic channels. Prevention remains the best way to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud.

Since paper sources are the easiest way for thieves to obtain both personal and business information, it’s vital to have a system for securely destroying documents after they are no longer needed. Below is a list of tips to help you enforce good document security and destruction policies in the workplace.

• Implement a shred-all policy within the company. Try to avoid keeping certain documents and shredding others. This opens up greater opportunity for human error and increases the chance of identity fraud.
• Don’t recycle anything unless it’s shredded first. Leaving confidential documents in an open recycling bin is like playing Russian roulette.
• Develop a culture of security and prevention within the company as opposed to just being reactive when something does go wrong. Create an integrated, long-term approach to eliminating security risks.
• Use professional document destruction and shredding services. This is truly the only way to ensure there are no loopholes in the process of securely shredding your important documents.

It’s critical to protect your company, employees and customers from identity theft. EnTrust has several solutions to help keep your information and your clients information out of thieves’ hands. Our mobile shredding services allow you to closely supervise the document destruction process. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction and chain-of-custody documentation to show proof of service. Contact EnTrust today for more information on secure document shredding.