The Advantages of Off-Site Tape Storage

Today’s digital and technologically advanced marketplace makes it very possible to operate a business without having filing cabinets full of paper located around every corner.  With more organizations turning to digital files, electronic documents, and imaging solutions, it is a growing trend to work towards operating a completely paperless office.  This may seem like a risky and daunting task now, but with some planning and EnTrust’s expertise, it’s a very attainable goal.

Off-site tape storage is one solution available to help rid your office of paper documents while still retaining the information for compliance regulations and future use.  EnTrust’s off-site tape storage vault allows businesses the opportunity to safely house all of their documentation in a secure facility.

Off-site tape storage meets the needs of organizations that operate primarily off the use of digital media.  The experts at EnTrust will help in consolidating your media into tape format and organizing it in our tape storage vault. It is also a solution for those who primarily use paper documents.  Our scanning services can help turn those hard copies into digital files and be transferred to tape.

Once your documentation is transferred to tape, there are many benefits to storing them off-site.  First, there is the reassurance that if something happens (fire, natural disaster, etc…) that your documents are stored off-site in a safe location.  Many clients use EnTrust’s off-site tape storage for one reason, and that is as a disaster recovery method.  Secondly, off-site tape storage provides sensitive and confidential information a more secure storage place than in your office where they may be easily accessed by unauthorized users.

Off-site tape storage is just one of many document management options that EnTrust has to offer.  Whether you want to take small steps towards a paperless office, or simply want a backup recovery strategy as added protection, off-site tape storage is a great solution.  For more information on our tape storage vault, call EnTrust today at (804) 358-8077.