Document Management Solutions

Document management solutions are an integral part of running any business.  With identity theft threats, corporate privacy concerns, and a growing need for quick access, document management systems have never been more important.  The truth is that maintaining filing cabinets of physical, hard copies of every important document is extremely cumbersome.  Whether you want constant access, or only need to retrieve files once in a while, EnTrust offers multiple document management solutions.

At EnTrust, we don’t just take your records and file them off-site.  We create a solution specifically tailored for you and how your business operates. Below are a few of our areas of expertise in helping your business get the most out of a document management solution.

Records Retention & Secure Destruction:  For many organizations, the law states that you need to retain records for a certain period of time.  Once that window has expired, you’re left with stacks of paper sitting in your office.  This is a risky stage in the life-cycle of a document.  Although the information is no longer needed, there are still identity theft and confidentiality threats.  EnTrust can help you end the life-cycle of those documents through secure shredding and document destruction.

Scan-On-Demand & Off-Site Document Storage: Is your office full of filing cabinets that seem on the verge of bursting?  EnTrust has several solutions for this common challenge.  We ask that you tell us a bit about your needs for access and retrieval of those documents.  Once we know your accessibility requirements, we’ll recommend a solution that’s right for you.  Whether we implement scanning services to rid your office of unneeded paperwork, or store all your documents in an off-site location, you still remain in control of your important business documentation.

Tape Storage Vault:  One of the unique benefits of working with EnTrust for a custom document management solution is our tape storage vault.  If you don’t have a need to house hard copies of your documentation at your location, our tape vault storage facility could very well be the best option for you.  EnTrust’s tape vault is great solution to consolidate data into one format and store off-site. Let us transfer your documentation to tape and house it in our safe location.  The tape vault is actually a bunker located within our Richmond facility and we guarantee safe and secure storage here.

For more information on our document management solutions, please call EnTrust today!