Outsourced vs. In-House Paper Shredding

Within every organization there is a need to protect and dispose of data in a safe and secure manner.  This requires a document destruction schedule.  The first step to any records management solution is deciding on a destruction strategy.  If you haven’t yet chosen a method for paper shredding, you are probably facing the choice of whether to manage the process in-house, or to outsource the task.  There are 3 considerations that greatly impact this decision.

  • Process: To handle in-house paper shredding you must have ample staff to carry out the task, as well as the equipment and resources to destroy and dispose of the documents. Don’t forget to consider the additional labor needed to remove staples, paper clips and other bindings that can’t be fed through a standard office shredder.
  • Cost: Equipment, time and the personnel needed to carry out this daunting and tedious task could end up negatively affecting your bottom line. Additionally, most basic shredders are incapable of destroying CD’s, hard disks and other media that house important data that you will need destroyed.
  • Security: Many offices have shredders to make sure that documents are safely and confidentially disposed.  However, when documents waiting to be shredded are placed in unlocked, open containers around the office, this defeats the goal of secure shredding.  Such security loopholes make it easier for unauthorized users to access information not intended for their eyes.

In-house paper shredding is a time-consuming, expensive and unsafe method. Outsourcing your shredding needs can actually save you money, while ensuring that you remain in compliance with privacy and security standards. When you take into account the cost of an office shredding machine, your employee’s time, maintenance, and disposal fees, it likely makes more sense to outsource your shredding.

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