Benefits of Off-Site Tape Storage

Business records management is very valuable tool, but it comes with risks, challenges, and a price tag. Entrust understands these concerns, and offers a full range of secure and affordable, yet flexible, off-site tape storage and management solutions. For most businesses, off-site tape storage for backup protection and disaster recovery continues to be a practical and cost-effective solution for storing and archiving important business documents.

So what exactly is off-site tape storage? At Entrust, our tape vault is a secure bunker in our Richmond facility. It is fully equipped to meet all of your unique storage needs. Have information in several types of media formats? We can scan it to tape and safely store it in our facility so that your information is available if and when you ever need backup.

You may wonder if your business would truly benefit from off-site tape storage. There are many uses and advantages, and some likely already apply to your business.

• Externally managed disaster recovery strategy—you don’t have to spend time worrying about the what-ifs when something happens to your data.
• Data restoration—if something does happen, Entrust can restore your data quickly by simply accessing the tapes held in our secure storage vault.
• Information protection against corporate liability risks—knowing sensitive information is securely housed off-site gives you peace of mind knowing it won’t end up in the hands of an unauthorized user.
• Free up space in your office—storing back-ups and less accessed information off-site keeps your office less cluttered and allows you to quickly find the information you need, when you need it.

All of these benefits provide good reason to consider off-site tape storage with Entrust. It’s an affordable, convenient and practical solution to document management and protection. For more information on off-site tape storage with Entrust, call us today!