Document Management Solutions for the Medical Industry

The fast-paced, information dependent medical industry is rapidly growing and evolving in ways that make operating with strictly paper-based, on-site document management nearly impossible.   From small medical practices to large hospitals, outdated record management strategies are proving less effective and in some cases affecting the quality of healthcare.  Many of the vital elements of healthcare are difficult to handle without newer systems, including a document management solution.   This is why it’s critical that those in the medical industry adopt document management strategies.  These strategies help healthcare professionals to keep up with the pace of their work, while still allowing them to focus their utmost attention on providing quality care.

Regulatory compliance is one of the main challenges faced by the medical industry.  There is a great deal of pressure for healthcare organizations to protect patient privacy and data, as well as retain records for specific periods of time.  Without document management and record retention plans, it’s very hard for these organizations to handle, secure and maintain documents.  This is especially true under the rules enforced by HIPPA, including the HITECH Act which defines specific guidelines for patient privacy, as well as how and where patient records exist.

Other common obstacles faced by those in the medical industry include creating patient records, insurance processing, billing, and how to maximize patient-doctor time during appointments.   EnTrust offers a variety of document management and record retention services geared towards these challenges and needs.  These solutions help medical offices standardize the way they generate and store information so that they can focus more time on quality patient care.  For more information on document management solutions and record retention strategies for the medical field, contact EnTrust today!

Active Access: Making Documents Stored Off-Site Instantly Accessible

Many times, customers ask us to store records in our storage facility that they no longer need to access, but that they still need to retain. Other times, a customer doesn’t have the physical storage space in their office for current records and is seeking an off-site storage solution. So, what happens when records are stored off-site, but a customer needs access to them on a regular basis? Active Access is a solution that EnTrust has developed to meet the needs of these customers. It offers an offsite document storage system with a file management capability for those items that require frequent access.

Active Access provides customers the best of both worlds—offsite document storage and the ability to instantly access the information through an online system. By combining physical storage solutions with cloud-based technologies, EnTrust has created a system that helps customers face many of their document storage and access challenges. Some of the benefits of Active Access include:

• Immediate access to offsite records, from any location, at any time
• Secure system with varying access levels for different users
• Automatic disaster recovery strategy
• Continuity between on-site and offsite records management
• Ensures chain-of-custody is managed and documented
• Helps achieve compliance of retention guidelines
• Eliminates office clutter
• Reduces the amount of time spent filing and searching for documents

If you are looking for offsite document storage, but are concerned about still having control over and access to your important documentation, Active Access might be the perfect solution for your company. For more information, contact EnTrust today at 804- 358-8077.

Why is Offsite Document Storage Better than In-House Storage?

If you struggle with in-house document storage, it’s probably for several reasons.  First, many companies simply don’t have the space to archive physical copies of everything in their office.  Secondly, who is responsible for the tedious and time-consuming task?  It’s likely a part of everyone’s responsibility, which can lead to mistakes, oversights, and a general lack of organization.  You’ve probably also spent quite a bit of money on storage systems and filing cabinets.  If you have in-house document storage, chances are you’re experiencing one or all of these challenges.

The truth is that offsite document storage is a more effective, organized and affordable solution for your company.  Below are a number of reasons why companies should consider offsite document storage.

1. Offsite document storage does not require any of your valuable office space.   When older files and documents are ready for archive, removing them from your office helps keep things organized.  This way only the documents you need are in the office, but older files put away in storage are immediately accessible whenever you need them.

2. Off-site document storage is cost-effective.  Not only is the service affordable, but you are also saving money on equipment, storage and other items.  There is no extra time spent filing older documents.

3. With off-site document storage you are increasing security and decreasing privacy threats.  When older documents are left around, you never know what information is out there for the wrong eyes to see.  Offsite document storage systems help you eliminate security breaches, better protecting yourself and your clients.

4. Just because a document is older and ready for the archives doesn’t mean you may not need to reference it at some point in the future.  Documents stored offsite are still accessible to you through a secure, online system.  In addition, when these important documents are housed in our secure facility they are out of harms way should a fire or natural disaster occur in your office.

5.  At EnTrust, our service offerings are vast.  If you need more than just offsite document storage, you’re in luck.  Not only can we handle offsite storage, we can also implement a business records management system and records retention system that works for your company.  For more information on our services, contact EnTrust today!


Document Retention and Destruction Service: Benefits and Options

Each document has a different set of guidelines pertaining to how long it must be accessible, how long it should remain inside an office or in storage, and when it can be destroyed. Most of these requirements are regulated for compliance purposes— especially documents pertaining to finances, human resources, and sales. At Entrust, we understand that every company has their own unique needs for document destruction and storage.

Depending on how long you’ve been in business, it’s likely that you have an abundance of documents stored away in your office. There are many dangers and setbacks with an unsystematic approach like this, including security risks, compliance issues, overhead costs and lack of productivity. EnTrust has several solutions that are custom tailored to your document destruction and storage needs.

In terms of mobile shredding and document destruction, we have several options. We can deliver secure receptacle consoles in your office and schedule a time to remove them and destroy the contents. This is all done on-site so that you can witness the process. We can also simply remove your boxes of documents and take them to our facility for destruction. Both options provide your business with a certificate of destruction.

It’s possible that you’ve considered and tested various options of document destruction, but still haven’t found an organized way to manage the life-cycle and storage needs of your information. Together we can devise records retention and document destruction plans that work in conjunction with how your business operates. This may include shredding on a scheduled basis, or scanning documents prior to destruction to make future access possible. Whatever your needs are for retention, management and destruction, EnTrust has a solution. For more information on mobile shredding, document destruction, management or storage, call us today at 804-358-8077.

Mobile Shredding & Why Office Shredders Just Don’t Cut It

Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most expensive and organized crimes of our time.  It can happen to anyone, even the largest, most structured companies.  It only takes one or two pieces of information to steal your identity or that of your clients.  Throughout the life-cycle of a document, there are many opportunities for an identity thief to stumble upon sensitive, confidential information, and use it to their advantage.  Your company is left to clean up the pieces. What’s even more alarming is that we let it happen.

Many companies have “shred-all” policies.  It’s a good measure to take; however, there are still loopholes in this method.  This is because it’s unlikely that documents are being immediately put into the shredder.  Usually what we see are papers that sit in open containers for days, maybe weeks before they’re destroyed.   Anyone entering the building has access to that information.  Companies have good intent with office shredders, but only if they are using it on a regular, scheduled basis.  This mundane task usually falls by the wayside to other more important office responsibilities.

Organizations can avoid these mindless, but dangerous and costly mistakes by using a professional document destruction service.  In fact, document shredding services are quickly becoming a staple in large organizations, and even small businesses.  If your company provides any type of service where there is even a small expectation of information privacy, you become legally responsible to take the precautions necessary to ensure all parties are protected.

Let EnTrust take the weight off of your shoulders with our secure document destruction and mobile shredding service.  Here’s how it works…We place locked units in various areas of your office for you to dispose your documents.  A screened and secure EnTrust representative comes to collect the contents of the container at scheduled times, and brings them to our facility for destruction.  Then, you’re provided with a certificate of destruction.  It’s very simple.  Not comfortable with your documents leaving the office?  With our mobile shredding service, we can do everything at your location.  You can even watch your information being shredded!

For more information on document destruction and mobile shredding with EnTrust, call us today!

Top 4 Reasons Why Organizations Should Use Offsite Storage

Throughout this blog we’ve discussed the various advantages of offsite document storage. We’ve also discussed how it’s an excellent disaster recovery strategy, and how it can help organizations reduce corporate risk and liability. In this post, well re-visit the top 4 reasons why offsite document storage is a critical service for many businesses. We’ll also touch on how with services from EnTrust, you can improve the functionality and security of your business.

1. When the idea of offsite document storage comes to mind, many times the very first thought is that it helps cut back on office clutter. A clean, organized office space, free of paper boxes and filing cabinets is simply a better working environment for everyone. By storing your documents offsite, most companies see increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

2. You’ll often hear us talk about the necessity of having a structured disaster recovery strategy. In the mid-Atlantic region in particular, power outages from tropical storms and hurricanes are far too common. If the power was out for days in your building, what would be at stake? The same holds true for a fire or other natural disaster. Offsite document storage as a disaster recovery method is a simple precaution that protects your business from unexpected circumstances.

3. With offsite document storage, you know that you are covered when data restoration is required. This means that you are protected if you have been affected by a natural disaster, or even if a single document is lost or misplaced. With EnTrust’s offsite document storage, you won’t be without the information that’s vital to your success. We will immediately replace anything that has been lost so that you can get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.

4. Our offsite document storage services also helps to keep a document’s life-cycle in check. With corporate risk looming, and identity thieves prowling for personal information, it’s important to know when to save or destroy a document. These actions directly affect the safety of your company and that of your clients. By letting us help you manage your documentation, we can identify areas where you are at risk and eliminate them.

There are numerous advantages to using EnTrust’s offsite document storage or tape storage services. To learn more about our affordable and effective solutions, give us a call at (804) 358-8077.

Why is Offsite Tape Storage the Best Disaster Recovery Strategy?

It’s true that data is the foundation of every business.  Many companies make it a regular practice to backup data to removable media, tapes or USB drives.  This is a good strategy; however, most companies store these formats directly next to their computer or in their desk.  What they don’t realize is the problem with their choice of storage location.  When the backup data isn’t stored safely and securely in an offsite location, it risks being destroyed if an unforeseen event, such as fire or flood, occurs in the building.  Both the server and the backup data are worthless if the office is severely damaged or destroyed.

An effective disaster data recovery strategy should consist of producing backup tapes and housing them in an offsite storage facility. This way the data isn’t compromised if a natural disaster affects the business’ office.  It is highly recommended that the backup tapes be handled properly and stored in a secure, climate controlled facility. This provides peace of mind, and gives the business almost immediate stability after a disaster.

At EnTrust, we have you covered with an affordable and convenient solution to offsite tape storage.  Our secure storage vault is a bunker located in our Richmond, Virginia facility.  We’ve put a great deal of effort into this service offering, and believe it’s the safest method of disaster recovery.  The bunker is operated as such to ensure organization, protection and proper handling of your back up data in a climate-controlled storage facility.

The benefit of using EnTrust’s tape storage vault for your disaster recovery strategy is the additional support we can offer your business.  Not only do we assist in storing your backup data offsite, we’re right there for you in the event you need your backup tapes to get up and running again.  Following an unfortunate occurrence, we can arrange to have your data delivered to a new or temporary location, and reproduce recently created data immediately.  We can also aide in transferring other media formats to tape to ensure all your important data is stored uniformly.  For more information on our offsite tape storage vault, contact EnTrust today!

Secure Document Shredding & the Prevention of Identity Fraud

In 2011, identity theft topped the list of complaints based on the Federal Trade Commission’s annual Sentinel Network report. This was the 12th year in a row identity theft ranked #1. Even though strict laws and privacy regulations are enforced to help to keep companies in compliance and thieves out of the picture, identity fraud is still occurring at an all time high. Research shows that most identity thieves obtain information through traditional paper-based sources rather than electronic channels. Prevention remains the best way to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud.

Since paper sources are the easiest way for thieves to obtain both personal and business information, it’s vital to have a system for securely destroying documents after they are no longer needed. Below is a list of tips to help you enforce good document security and destruction policies in the workplace.

• Implement a shred-all policy within the company. Try to avoid keeping certain documents and shredding others. This opens up greater opportunity for human error and increases the chance of identity fraud.
• Don’t recycle anything unless it’s shredded first. Leaving confidential documents in an open recycling bin is like playing Russian roulette.
• Develop a culture of security and prevention within the company as opposed to just being reactive when something does go wrong. Create an integrated, long-term approach to eliminating security risks.
• Use professional document destruction and shredding services. This is truly the only way to ensure there are no loopholes in the process of securely shredding your important documents.

It’s critical to protect your company, employees and customers from identity theft. EnTrust has several solutions to help keep your information and your clients information out of thieves’ hands. Our mobile shredding services allow you to closely supervise the document destruction process. We also provide you with a certificate of destruction and chain-of-custody documentation to show proof of service. Contact EnTrust today for more information on secure document shredding.

The Advantages of Off-Site Tape Storage

Today’s digital and technologically advanced marketplace makes it very possible to operate a business without having filing cabinets full of paper located around every corner.  With more organizations turning to digital files, electronic documents, and imaging solutions, it is a growing trend to work towards operating a completely paperless office.  This may seem like a risky and daunting task now, but with some planning and EnTrust’s expertise, it’s a very attainable goal.

Off-site tape storage is one solution available to help rid your office of paper documents while still retaining the information for compliance regulations and future use.  EnTrust’s off-site tape storage vault allows businesses the opportunity to safely house all of their documentation in a secure facility.

Off-site tape storage meets the needs of organizations that operate primarily off the use of digital media.  The experts at EnTrust will help in consolidating your media into tape format and organizing it in our tape storage vault. It is also a solution for those who primarily use paper documents.  Our scanning services can help turn those hard copies into digital files and be transferred to tape.

Once your documentation is transferred to tape, there are many benefits to storing them off-site.  First, there is the reassurance that if something happens (fire, natural disaster, etc…) that your documents are stored off-site in a safe location.  Many clients use EnTrust’s off-site tape storage for one reason, and that is as a disaster recovery method.  Secondly, off-site tape storage provides sensitive and confidential information a more secure storage place than in your office where they may be easily accessed by unauthorized users.

Off-site tape storage is just one of many document management options that EnTrust has to offer.  Whether you want to take small steps towards a paperless office, or simply want a backup recovery strategy as added protection, off-site tape storage is a great solution.  For more information on our tape storage vault, call EnTrust today at (804) 358-8077.


Document Management Solutions

Document management solutions are an integral part of running any business.  With identity theft threats, corporate privacy concerns, and a growing need for quick access, document management systems have never been more important.  The truth is that maintaining filing cabinets of physical, hard copies of every important document is extremely cumbersome.  Whether you want constant access, or only need to retrieve files once in a while, EnTrust offers multiple document management solutions.

At EnTrust, we don’t just take your records and file them off-site.  We create a solution specifically tailored for you and how your business operates. Below are a few of our areas of expertise in helping your business get the most out of a document management solution.

Records Retention & Secure Destruction:  For many organizations, the law states that you need to retain records for a certain period of time.  Once that window has expired, you’re left with stacks of paper sitting in your office.  This is a risky stage in the life-cycle of a document.  Although the information is no longer needed, there are still identity theft and confidentiality threats.  EnTrust can help you end the life-cycle of those documents through secure shredding and document destruction.

Scan-On-Demand & Off-Site Document Storage: Is your office full of filing cabinets that seem on the verge of bursting?  EnTrust has several solutions for this common challenge.  We ask that you tell us a bit about your needs for access and retrieval of those documents.  Once we know your accessibility requirements, we’ll recommend a solution that’s right for you.  Whether we implement scanning services to rid your office of unneeded paperwork, or store all your documents in an off-site location, you still remain in control of your important business documentation.

Tape Storage Vault:  One of the unique benefits of working with EnTrust for a custom document management solution is our tape storage vault.  If you don’t have a need to house hard copies of your documentation at your location, our tape vault storage facility could very well be the best option for you.  EnTrust’s tape vault is great solution to consolidate data into one format and store off-site. Let us transfer your documentation to tape and house it in our safe location.  The tape vault is actually a bunker located within our Richmond facility and we guarantee safe and secure storage here.

For more information on our document management solutions, please call EnTrust today!




Outsourced vs. In-House Paper Shredding

Within every organization there is a need to protect and dispose of data in a safe and secure manner.  This requires a document destruction schedule.  The first step to any records management solution is deciding on a destruction strategy.  If you haven’t yet chosen a method for paper shredding, you are probably facing the choice of whether to manage the process in-house, or to outsource the task.  There are 3 considerations that greatly impact this decision.

  • Process: To handle in-house paper shredding you must have ample staff to carry out the task, as well as the equipment and resources to destroy and dispose of the documents. Don’t forget to consider the additional labor needed to remove staples, paper clips and other bindings that can’t be fed through a standard office shredder.
  • Cost: Equipment, time and the personnel needed to carry out this daunting and tedious task could end up negatively affecting your bottom line. Additionally, most basic shredders are incapable of destroying CD’s, hard disks and other media that house important data that you will need destroyed.
  • Security: Many offices have shredders to make sure that documents are safely and confidentially disposed.  However, when documents waiting to be shredded are placed in unlocked, open containers around the office, this defeats the goal of secure shredding.  Such security loopholes make it easier for unauthorized users to access information not intended for their eyes.

In-house paper shredding is a time-consuming, expensive and unsafe method. Outsourcing your shredding needs can actually save you money, while ensuring that you remain in compliance with privacy and security standards. When you take into account the cost of an office shredding machine, your employee’s time, maintenance, and disposal fees, it likely makes more sense to outsource your shredding.

At EnTrust, we have several options for affordable and secure paper shredding.  For more information on our solutions, contact us today at (804) 358-8077.